Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Distant Sunset" 5"x7" oil Day 14 in a 30 in 30 days challenge

"Distant Sunset"
5x7 oil

I painted several small paintings recently.
I have entered 5 of these smaller paintings into a 8 state 
regional juried show. I find out the results this weekend on
Saturday. It is hosted by The Artists of
NW Arkansas, of which I am a board member.
 I have had 4 previous 
Paintings in 3 of these shows.
Once I make 5 shows as a juried entrant, I 
become a signature member of our association. My
goal is to achieve that in 2017.

My first love is landscapes. 
I love the different seasons, the sun rising and setting. 
I love thick oil paint, the colors that can be 
mixed and what I can create with it.
Thanks for taking a peak at my paintings.

BTW...I will keep you posted if any of my painting
Get juried in.

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