Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Late Summer" 9x12 oil on canvas

Late Summer

I haven't posted in about a month, time to get with the program!
This painting I titled, Late Summer, however I painted it plein air in 
early October. It was a very hot day, like summer, and it just
didn't feel like fall to me, so thus the title!
It was very bright out and the sun danced off the top of the trees and bushes.
I took some artistic liberty and added a beautiful deep coral in place of some of the reds
that were evident that day. I love the play of reflections in the water.
There was a very dark area of trees and bushes to the left of where I was 
painting that day. I hope you enjoy this painting!

Feel free to check out some of my work at another blog with a fellow Arkansas
artist, Debra Sisson  

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