Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30 paintings in 30 days! Day 1 Penny, 8x10 oil by Leslie Newman


Penny is the grand-dog of my friend Sue in Des Moines. She asked that I paint Penny
As a gift to her son and his wife. 

She was a lot of fun to do. Penny's owners really enjoy her
Being on canvas to view forever!

Today starts a 30 painting in 30 days challenge. I am a few days late posting my paintings, but will try to catch up quickly!
Leslie Saeta who is a wonderful palette knife painter
From Pasadena, Ca.

Once or twice a yr she holds these 30 day challenges
For any artists to join in from around the world. I believe there are now 
Over 1000 artists taking part in this challenge
Wishing all of us good luck and happy painting!!!

Additional work of mine along with several other
Painters can be seen

I would love comments on my painting and welcome
Your thoughts! 
Thanks, Leslie 

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