Thursday, January 15, 2015

Abstract Waterfall 6x6 extra deep panel, oil by Leslie Newman

Abstract Waterfall

This is about the 5th painting I have done this month. Not quite on
track. There is life that happens, appointments, babysitting grand kiddos and to be a
little honest..... some burnout from so much painting leading up to the
Holidays. Will I get 30 paintings done in this 30 in 30 day challenge, No...and
that is OK!

This painting I did and I love it. I used the deep almost black indigo blues and
the deep teal blues, I also have used white representing the waters with some
metallic gold/copper. 
I am really starting to enjoy abstract work over the past yr or so. I did a
very large 4 ft square that I have in my breakfast room that
is completely a contemporary abstract. It is a breath of
fresh air with all of the other types of traditional and impressionistic oils
that I have in our home. I am going to have two other paintings that will
go with the above abstract and using some lighter colors. This
reminds me of some of the many rock hillsides we have here in 
Arkansas. They pop up everywhere, I notice them along the roads. Icy waters will 
trickle or pour out based on what our weather has been. If it is very cold,
it will freeze midstream and look like this.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and blogging. Feel free to shoot me
a message or comment about my work. You can sign
up to follow my work as well. I welcome that!

Stay tuned!!

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