Saturday, January 4, 2014

Callie"s Hydrangeas 8x10 oil on panel

Callie's Hydrangea's

This pretty bunch of Hydrangeas was the last few that I was able
to harvest in early November from
two of my 6 hydrangea bushes.
They were from two of my blue ever blooming bushes.
I treat the soil all season long and depending on the acidic level
of the dirt, I get a wide variety of colors in the blooms. 
Anyway, I cut them, put them in water and recently painted them.
My daughter in law Callie saw this and loved it. I surprised her and gave her the 
painting, along with two others. I found a great frame for it and
it looks wonderful. I painted a head on a few of these paintings
for a 30 day 30 painting challenge I signed up to do
with Leslie Saeta. This is the 4th painting as this challenge started on Jan 1. 
 It is a wonderful opportunity to get some paintings done.
I use them as gifts, to enter shows etc. I can have
giclee's done on any of my paintings. Giclee's are reproductions on 
canvas, that look like the real paintings. Let me know if you
are interested!

I also have some paintings to view at

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