Saturday, January 18, 2014

"celestial angel" 11x14 oil

This angel was so much fun to paint! 
Her crimson red robe, her feathery wings, and all the little details that
Show off the suggestion of a moon, stars or sun.
I do believe in Angels. the Bible, Gods Word , tells us of Angels
All throughout the Bible.
I wonder what they are like? what they really look like? All these questions 
Will be answered one day in Heaven. I look forward 
To that time. To be able to live forever with Jesus who died for my sins , and the sins
of all mankind, for those that out their trust in him!
I am thankful for my gift of painting. It has been a huge blessing in my life. 
In my 30's, I was stricken with a degenerative,painful,spine condition. 
I underwent several spinal surgeries
With hardware,. These past 13 yrs. painting has given me a new outlook. 
I do credit the Good Lord with
This blessing.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.
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