Friday, January 17, 2014

"Oliver on the carousel" 11x14 oil, carousel,kids

Oliver is our darling grandson who just turned 2. Last fall, while at the
Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, he and his sister
Took a ride on the carousel.
In the picture, his Dad was holding him from behind. I
Edited his dad out of the painting and focused just on Oliver.
I was done with this painting, but in looking at it, I might add one
More animal, a zebra behind the donkey behind him. I think that would add more depth
To the painting. I will update the blog if I do add that. 

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In case you don't remember, below is the twin painting of Oliver's big sister, 
Noelle, our almost 4 yr old granddaughter.

Noelle on the carousel
These two paintings are framed in gold to match and will hang together in 
their home up in Iowa.
These were part of this yrs Christmas presents to the kiddos.

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