Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Kirby the Cairn Terrier" 9x12 oil


Meet Kirby, she was a delightful Cairn terrier that lived for over 15+yrs.
Kirby and my Cairn Terrier, Ollie were half sisters. Ollie and Kirby have now both 
Passed over the rainbow bridge.
Our beloved Ollie, was put to sleep just one mo ago. It was so
Hard but the loving thing to do for her. She lived
15 yrs 11 days. Kirby and Ollie shared the same Sire.
Kirby lived about 15 yrs and 3 months.
I wanted to paint this memory painting for my good
Friend Sue,in West Des Moines, Iowa.
We both will be hopefully be getting new cairns soon.
My current male cairn, JJ needs a new buddy.
What a fun, loving,devoted, and feisty
Little breed. An ancient breed from the Scottish highlands, this 
Breed dates back 500 yrs. Cairns were bred to get all 
critters out of the rocky cairns, (stacks of rocks) that
Would identify properties and farms etc.
My Ollie tried to take on a black bear that dared to walk into our back yard when
We were living in New Jersey, about 10yrs ago.I quickly
Averted a bad situation!  They truly do have the
heart of a lion.

I would love to hear what you have to say about my artwork. 
Please feel free to drop me a note!

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