Saturday, January 25, 2014

"My favorite boots! 8x10 oil

My favorite cowboy boots! I love these boots, I wear them almost all of the time!

They look great with tucked in skinny jeans, or under black or khaki pants.
This was the Christmas for cowboy boots.  I bought All three of
Our grand kids cowboy boots for
Christmas. They were so cute to see them wearing them on their tiny feet. 
I have a boot collection, but only two pair of 
Cowboy boots. Definitely plan on adding more!
I am painting in Leslie Saeta's 30 day 30 painting
Challenge. Unfortunately, life got a little crazy the last week and I fell
Behind. I might only end up with 25 paintings this month. That is still
A huge amount of paintings for a month.
Thanks for taking a peek at my work!

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