Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Fur Friends" 11x14 oil on canvas

Fur Friends

These four fur kids all live together with my brother and his family up in Grand Rapids, MI.
The white kitty Phoebe is a rescue. A sad story turned into a miracle for her and
her kitty siblings. She was found a few months ago in a large garbage
container. She and her newborn litter mates were in 
a plastic garbage bag. Cold, tiny and hungry, someone just
wanted to dispose of them in a dumpster behind a school. I can't even imagine the monster that
could do this and then sleep at night. They are Gods creatures and
we have a duty to take care of them. So, my sister-in-law who is a school
nurse, along with other teachers, each took a baby kitty home. They
bathed them, bottle fed them around the clock and she thrived. Today, she is Full of
fun and frolic. She attacks the dogs and they play together all day. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this simple painting and the story that goes with it.

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